Permanent Makeup by Lori

Permanet Makeup by Lori

Get your Permanent Makeup and Eye Lashes

Permanent Makeup by Lori – Simply Lashes

Another reason why people from Clifton Park, Saratoga, Lake George,Vermont, and Massachusetts come to see us at Simply Lashes and Permanent Makeup by Lori.
Permanent Makeup is one the fastest growing service in the beauty industry.

Permanent Makeup is not new, it has been around since the days of Cleopatra, as she would use cole for eyeliner, now it is an art of tattooing.
Now you can have your upper and lower eyes lined. This is a wonderful service for the person with eye strain that needs glasses. With Permanent Makeup you can have your lips stained with many colors to choose from.

Permanent Makeup by Lori

MicroBlading – A tattooing of the eye brow that is done in feather like strokes.
It usually last approximately one to three years, depending on your skin conditions and how you take care of it.
Some of want a thicker or dramatic look, then others like to have a higher arch in their brows.
Many people have very sparse eye brows, or may be missing the ends of them.
And sadly we have our cancer patients who have lost their brows or sparsely grew back
We also have our patience that have Alopecia or ones that suffer from hypothyroidism.
What ever it is, yes you can have a complete look that will make you look and feel your best.

Service is approximately two hours       $500.

Eyeliner – Make your eye more defined with permanent makeup eyeliner.
Many colors to choose from.

Full Eyeliner – Service Two Hours                                             $450.

Upper Eyelid – Service is approximately one and a half hours  $350.
Lower Eyelid – Service is approximately one and a half hours  $300.

Fun Lip Color with Liner – Have your Lips look voluptuous and full .
With a beautiful assortment of colors to choose from, it will be one of  the best decisions you’ve made! $450.