Eyelash Extensions

EyeLash Extensions

Get your Permanent Makeup and Eye Lashes

Get your Permanent Makeup and Eye Lashes


Eye Lash Extensions
Give Yourself A
Youthful Look!

So why would you get your Beautiful New Eye Lash Extensions at Simply Lashes?

We will start off with a consultation before we begin and so we can tell you what is the healthiest
weight and length for your lashes.
In lash terms it is the diameter and milometer. Diameter being the thickness and milometer the length.
The health of your lashes are very important to me.
I will suggest to you what would be the best length for your lashes and eye shape.

Secondly, you will have your own tweezers that are auto claved after each use.
Auto clave is a pressure chamber that uses the power of steam to kill off germs that are an
essential part of the decontamination and sterilization.

Eye Lash Extensions should be natural and light weight!
You shouldn’t even know that you have them on.
When you go for this treatment, that will give you a brighter and more youthful look, be sure that your stylist is certified!

With knowledge of this industry for over eight years I have the following certifications:
Borboleta in NYC
Three D Lashes in NYC
By Theresa Smith in Las Vegas
Extreme Lashes in NYC

Volume Full Set $200.00

Volume 2 Week refill – $60.00
Volume 3 Week refill – 75.00

Hybrid- $175.00
Mixed 2 Week refill – $60.00
Mixed 3 Week refill – 75.00

Classic Full Set – $150.00
Classic 2 Week refill – $55.00
Classic 3 Week refill – $65.00

Eye Extension Removal – $75.00

How Long Will It Take?

Full Set of Extensions – Approximately – 2 Hours
Refill – 1 Hour